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The Cancer Advocacy Alliance (CPAA) is a group of cancer research advocates based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are scientifically trained and educated in the science of breast cancer, collaborating with cancer researchers, ensuring that research is patient-centered and reflecting the needs of the cancer community.

As Cancer Patient Advocacy Alliance advocates, we focus our efforts around research support, education and outreach, clinical trials and healthcare policy issues. By providing feedback, participation and collaboration, we help investigators further translational research goals from diagnosis to survivorship.

Contact Information

While the website is under development we are still available to work with you. Please contact us at:

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to bring patient values and perspectives to cancer translational research– from risk reduction to survivorship. We promote the dissemination of scientific advances to patient communities, and support policies that include healthcare access for all.

Vision Statement:

We strive for a world where prevention is possible, early detection is routine, treatment toxicity is minimal, survivors thrive, and cures become a reality.